tiistai 5. maaliskuuta 2013

Empty Eyes and Other Unfinished Things

I’ve got quite a few crafting projects going on, lots of ideas I wanna do, and I’m pretty good at starting stuff. Finishing it is a different story. So I end up with lots of half done random things lying around. I listed some that I’m going to try working on next, before allowing myself to start anything new. 

Bjd (ball joint doll) size shoes and horns. I was making them for Haja, some experienced slight damage when this very random cat of mine decided they're ever so much fun to drop/toss/fight/play with... Think I prefer polymer clays over Darwi (air hardening clay, the material i used for the horns), it's a bit less fragile. And doesn't seem to attract cats as much. Anyway, the horns need paint.

I'm pretty sure i did make heels for the shoes. I just cant find them. Maybe i'll make new ones. They'll going to need paint too. Seems like i need to locate my paints (yes, i'm so organized)...

These two (there actually were 3, but one kind of failed and i sliced it in half) were some sort of prototypes i made before all those rings and earrings of the previous post. They're also made of polymer clay, but unlike all those other items i crafted later, i was supposed to paint these. As we can see that never happened! I'm starting to see a pattern here... But that's all someone else's fault. Yes.


This little lady's been my project for months already. Her name's Dana. She's a 27cm ooak bjd made of polymer clay. She's got 26 body parts, and against all odds i still havent lost any of them. She was actually pretty much ready in some point, but i decided she wasn't perfect still needed quite a bit of adjusting, and ended up heavily editing her. She still needs quite a bit of work, especially the upper body. I have this small thing for ribs, and they somehow became a bit too pointy and weird looking. They'll need a bit softening... The hands are rather ready (and succesful!) but are not attached to the rest of the body because they still need the hooks inside them. I really should finish her up soon while all the parts are still foundable. xD


A real size mask made of plaster just couple days ago. Needs a little sanding, paint and some decorations. What'll be the use of it? How should i know.~ It's way too heavy to be an actual wearable accessory.


[insert evil laughter here] Ehem. This little thing rolled over just today. It's got a fate involving evil sharp objects, lots of blood and quite a bit of glue. This is something i've been wanting to do for quite a while. I've tried before but i've never been mentally cabable of murdering a book. I think i'm gonna cry.

Something actually finished! I don't think beads are my strongest subject though, they look like a creepy colourful mess, ha ha.



 Such an innocent face when he's asleep. This is Indy. He's overly cute and bites hard as hell. I wasn't supposed to post a picture of him but it was there and he's adorable, what was i supposed to do...~

maanantai 25. helmikuuta 2013

Selling Rings & Earrings

Sooooo... Last weekend was HelLoCon, and i was there selling some weird jewelry. Under this text you see some (or damn many) pictures of the ones that were left over. They are all hand crafted from polymer clay and fabric, so you shouldn't run into a same one too easily. This offer is valid till 17th of March. If you're interested, give me a poke, fa11ingsky@hotmail.com :)

Rings 6e/each
Earrings 12e/pair
(+ postage)

Ja suomeksi! (Pahus, ikinä oikeen oppinut käyttämään omaa äidinkieltäni koneella xD) Viime viikonloppuna tuli osallistuttua HelLoCon:iin, ja siellä yritettyä jopa jotakin myydäkin. Alla näkyy kasa kuvia ylijääneistä koruista, jotka olen siis käsin polymeerimassasta ja kankaasta näpertänyt. Eli ei pitäisi heti tulla ihan samanlaista vastaan. Nyt olisi vielä tilaisuus ostaa, jos jotain kiinnostavaa löytyy, pistä viestiä fa11ingsky@hotmail.com. Voimassa 17. maaliskuuta asti. :)

Sormukset 6e/kpl
Korvikset 12e/pari
(+ postikulut)


sunnuntai 24. helmikuuta 2013

Oh my, how to start...

 I've always known i’m overly critical what comes to everything i do. I got this terrible fear of showing things i've written/crafted/drawn to anyone... So that's exactly what i'm planning to do here. And apparently in english. 

Some ppl may know me as Talu, Talullah or EndOfAllHope, or (if you happen to read HajaMiel's blog,) J-pon. And ppl who visited HelLoCon at Helsinki last weekend may have seen me behind Lovely Hollow’s table selling some weird lil hand made camee style jewelry.
 ...Going to write more and learn to use this thing soon, now need some sleep. xD